Private Residence Quincy, MA

Services: design & permitting
Location: 272 Atlantic Street
Approx. Cost: $175,000.00
Design Time: one month
Approval Time: two months
Build Time: five months
A small one story garage structure was raised in order to build this fine in-law two story apartment. This project was approved by the local zoning department and required that a breezeway be designed to connect the main house with the addition making all living area contiguous. The first floor consists of an open living area allowing the kitchen and dining areas to flow as one space out to the pool side patio. The second floor in its entirety creates a spacious master bedroom suite with private bathroom and large walk-in closet with cathedral ceiling. All of the utilities are located in a full basement that connects to the main house under the breezeway. The connecting breezeway forms a generous mudroom that provides a three season sitting are and ample pool side & hot tub storage.