Malkin Athletic Center Cambridge, MA

Services: project documentation
Location: Harvard University
Approx. Cost: $4,000,000.00
Design Time: one year
Approval Time: N/A
Build Time: two years
Employed by Douglas Okun & Associates, Steven Petitpas, founder of Aesthetic Images, coordinated the project documentation and construction documentation for a 1930’s era Georgian Revival style building. To accommodate new program needs, 4.000 s.f. of flat floor space was found by creating a glazed mezzanine, carefully inserted into the upper volume of the existing pool area. The foundation to the new mezzanine was laid inside the existing sub-basement. Another 2,000 s.f. of space was attained by reclaiming basement storage areas and turning them into a weight training room, and remaining space requirements were found by reorganizing existing spaces. Respecting the integrity of the original structure while giving new life to a well-built building was the goal of this project.