Edkins Residence – Maynard, MA

Services: full architectural services
Location: 9 Summer Street
Approx. Cost: $25,000.00
Design Time: one month
Approval Time: none required
Build Time: three months
The existing attic space was unfinished with unusual structural details. The owner’s mandate was to create a master bedroom suite with private bath for the least cost. With intense coordination between the design and construction team this mandate was achieved. The raw attic space was transformed into a cozy couple’s nest. The bath with shower, double vanity sink and private toilet room is delicately hidden behind a glass block lighted wall. Light was brought in with three small strategically positioned skylights. Ceiling lights are hidden in fully functional tie beams so that light glows from being bounced off the sloped cathedral ceiling. The bed is on a raised platform and flush wood wall panels double as closet doors that run the entire length of both sides of the master bedroom.