Conference Hotel Philadelphia, PA

Services: Managing Consultant
Location: Market Street
Approx. Cost: $45,000,000.00
Design Time: two years
Approval Time: one year
Build Time: projected one year
Employed by Yamashita Associates, an urban design and investment banking company, Aesthetic Images coordinated the design team to create the University Conference Center – a 250,000 s.f. hotel conference building. This project was the central effort to create an entirely new city block development in the university section of Philadelphia. Aesthetic Images was instrumental in creating a consistent aesthetic look between the interior and exterior of the building. The building features a two story pedestrian arcade, a pagoda like clock tower and heroic style entrance. The interior has two five story atriums that link the hotel use and conferencing. This design capped off a seven year effort to revitalize a city block in this historic city.