4-6 Beacon Street – Hyde Park, MA

Services: fire reconstruction
Location: 4-6 Beacon Street
Approx. Cost: $225,000.00
Design Time: one month
Approval Time: one month
Build Time: five months
The second and third floor of this multi-family was totally ravaged by fire with significant water damage to the first floor unit. All of the finished for the three units and building systems had to be removed and replaced with limited funds that were recouped from the fire insurance. New updated kitchens and bathrooms were installed in all units of this investment property. A new dormer was added to the building creating a third bedroom for the top unit and the first floor unit was expanded into the basement. The clean functional design of the reconstruction efforts kept construction costs as low as possible yet allowed the owner to maintain rentability for all units. The added bedroom at the third floor and the expanded first floor unit increases the income potential for the property.