Corporate World Headquarters Back Bay – Boston, MA

  • Services: Full Architectural Services
  • Location: Bay State Road
  • Approx. Cost: $650,000.00
  • Design Time: two months
  • Approval Time: three months
  • Build Time: six months
This building was the world headquarters for the American Council of International Studies with offices worldwide. The first phase of work was the rehabilitation of the historic facade and included obtaining approvals from the Historic Commission for window replacement, masonry repairs & copper roof replacement. The second phase was the total redesign of the 10,000 s.f. interior to create a more efficient work environment, a reception area more appropriate for a world headquarters and a warmer atmosphere to enhance employee’s moral. This was achieved by reorganizing, creating better adjacencies for various departments for better communication. This design validated the desires of the employees to have better boundaries for personnel space.