Bank Inspection

You have come to the right place! We are here to provide professional, reliable residential and commercial construction plan review and payment requisition inspection for your bank loan customers. We can even review each requisition for payment from the contractors as well as make appropriate site visits; and, based on the percentage of construction that’s been completed, determine the correct amount due.

We have over 29 years of experience with the design and construction of a wide range of building projects. Our bank inspection experience includes building types of all shapes and sizes; from residential and commercial construction including tenant fit-ups, corporate headquarters, institutional buildings like hospital clinics and bank branches, public works, post offices, toll bridges, hotels and restaurants.

At Aesthetic Images, we understand the current costs for both union and non-union construction and can comprehensively review the construction plans for a perspective loan. Our number one goal is to review construction plans for your perspective loan and help you understand if that project may have difficulties in achieving final completion.

We will review plans and ensure payments be both fair and tough while familiarizing ourselves with the construction site and utilizing our knowledge of construction methods to bridge the interests between you and your loan customers.

Aesthetic Images Bank Inspection